“Show Your Hand”

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BBAF exhibition project "Show Your Hand" held by BBAF in Macduff Town Hall, during the Banff and Macduff COAST festival of 25th-27th May 2012.

More documentation and pictures coming soon.

The exhibition focused on the issue of the risk we face of the loss of artisanal skills.  This is not dissimilar in some ways to the loss of biodiversity in both the natural environment and among our domesticated plants and animals in that it carries the same potential threat of reduced capacity for adaptation in changing circumstances.  In addition it is a cultural loss that diminishes us all.

Works by the invited artists and works from the juried open submission were offered for sale by silent auction.

Ha.ri.er Tweed by Dalziel + Scullion

Ha.ri.er Tweed,
by Dalziel +Scullion, Tweed woven by
Breanish Tweed in The Outer Hebrides.

Grandad and me Mags Gray

Grandad and Me by Mags Gray,
Found (Tunbridge ware) marquetry box with three porcelain bowls on top featuring the same pattern in their interior.

Makers represented in the exhibition:

  • Alison Simpson
  • Anita Inverarity
  • Anne Murray
  • Barbara-Ann Hall
  • Belinda Rose
  • Brian Cook Shand
  • Carn Standing
  • Cathrine Holtet
  • Dalziel +Scullion
  • David Watson Hood
  • Deborah Beeson
  • Digby Morrow
  • Doreen MacRae
  • Fiona Duckett
  • Gavin Smith
  • Helen Denerley
  • Ingrid Stephenson
  • Jennifer Jane Bayliss
  • Jenny Burgess
  • Jonathan Rose
  • Julie Brook
  • Kathryn Abrahams
  • Kerstin Gren
  • Louise Allardyce
  • Mags Gray
  • Maralyn Reed-Wood
  • Mary Bourne
  • Rachel Hazell 
  • Ruth O’Leary
  • Sheena Burnett
  • Tim Hobrough
  • Tim Palmer