“The ‘Thought’ of Home 2014”

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Alison Simpsom installing the piece "Home to Roost"

Is home really a ‘country’? Can it have anything to do with the political construct of ‘nationality’? Is home Dougie MacLean’s ‘Caledonia’ or as my great grandmother Helen Barton put it, in the song she wrote, ‘My Ain Hame Land’? A place pinned for from a distance that becomes less visible the closer you get? Is home a group of people? Is home a house?-Is home a culture? Is home anywhere you can light a fire? Is home where you were born? Is it where you hope to die? Is home a time in the past or the future? Is home any place you can put the kettle on without asking? Is a home and the entitlement to one inevitably just a by-product of legal property rights? Is home your patch of cardboard in an underpass? Is home not in this world? Is it Tír na nÓg "Land of the Young in the uttermost west"? Is it a place inside your head you can never quite find a match for in external reality? Is home a small blue dot in a photograph a very long way from the next planet with a breathable atmosphere; so that if we f**k it up any more we will all be seriously in the merde?

An exhibition celebrating artists' creative responses to the concept 'home'.

Macduff Town Hall, Main Hall

Artists exhibiting were:Bryan Angus, Carla Angus, Mary Bourne, Allan Bransbury, Carol Burnett, Sheena Burnett, Wenna Crockatt, Amy Davenport, Fiona Duckett, Helen Goodwin, Mags Gray, Mark Green, Kerstin Gren, Maria Guerreiro, Helen Harrison, David Watson Hood, Tony Humbleyard, Frances Innes, Olivia Irvine, Isaac Jackson, Malize McBride, Chris McIntosh, Keith Mellard, Hazel Prichard, Cath Roberts, Camille Rust, Marga Schnell, Brian Cook Shand, Alison Simpson, Carn Standing, Ingrid Stephenson, Graeme Swanson, Moira Third, Bibo Weber, Nic Whitehouse, Doaa Yule, Chi Zhang