“Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan and Derelict” An exhibition of artworks created from, beachcombed, foraged, found and salvaged materials.
COAST festival during May 2011 in Banff & Macduff Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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viewers at the exhibition
photograph ©Bryan Angus

This unusual exhibition was held by the BBAF as part of the COAST festival 2011 in Banff & Macduff. All the work shown, was to be no more than 12”x12”x4” in size, and created from: beachcombed, found, foraged, recycled, salvaged, homemade or reclaimed materials. There were contributions from several invited noted and celebrated artists, combined with work from a juried open submission that encompassed both professional artists and amateurs. We publicised a list of contributors but no piece was identified by artist till after purchase.

All the pieces were offered for sale anonymously at a fixed price. By contradicting the standard assumption that it is the artist’s reputation and the purchase cost of materials that creates the value of an artwork we hope to oblige the prospective purchaser to attribute value using only their own judgment. We also held an auction of unsold pieces when the exhibition closed on the Sunday. As a result it is just possible that people were also encouraged to consider the intrinsic value of natural resources as distinct from their market price.

The exhibition was intended not only to be of visual and artistic interest but also to raise awareness of environmental problems particularly as they affect the coastal and marine ecology. It also celebrated diversity and inclusion, these words are often appropriated when what is really being implied is an increase in the consumer base while the opportunity to supply is being yet further restricted. Our event might have been small but it was the real thing with old and young, outsider and insider exhibiting together.

It featured works by: Bryan Angus, Alec and Isobel Angus, Malcolm Appleby, Mary Bourne, Allan Bransbury, Julie Brook, Hazel Bruce, Sheena Burnett, John Byrne, Dalziel + Scullion, Amy Davenport, Helen Denerley, Roger Gardner, Jenny Goddard, Isobel Gregory, Barbara-Ann Hall, David Watson Hood, Anthony Humbleyard, Frances Innes, Elaine Jones, Pauline Littlewood, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Malize McBride, Chris McIntosh, Liz Milne, Julia Morton, Anne Murray, Lucy Neish, Merike Palopson, Sandra Ritchie, Cath Roberts, Geoff Roberts, Carole Robinson, Judith Rowan, Ginny Russell, Kathryn Sharp, Ingrid Stephenson, Emma Rose Walker and items from Banff Academy Curriculum Support Unit.

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the auction
The Auction, photograph ©Bryan Angus