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'Last of the Summer Wine' benches
Location: About a mile south of New Pitsligo on the roadside between Leeches Burn and Woodside
OS Map Reference: NJ 888 543
Date: 1993
Description: Top photographs show two benches one is a 'standard issue' park bench painted red the other assembled in situ and brightly painted with multi coloured wavy stripes, was the first installed, as of summer 2007 the red bench has been removed and the poem absent in the top 2 photos has been reinstated it reads: "The Seat. Yeve het feet, Tak a seat, Yere fer pecht, Doon yer wecht, Half wye roon, Sit ye doon, A lang wauk, Ye did tak, Jist tak care, Rest eence mair, Efter a fyle, Wauk in style, At yer best, Efter a rest. 1993" As of 2008 a second bench was re-installed, made of slats and painted with the flags of all the European Union states, with their respective population figures. Also added at this time was a tondo mounted on a post painted with what could be a conceptual representation of the EU with state names and the total population figure of 480 million in text.
Related Information: There is in the village a coterie of older men, a group whose membership slowly changes over the years. The school children long ago dubbed them 'Last of the Summer Wine' after the BBC television situation comedy. They take a daily constitutional a mile or so out to the south of the village turn left onto the road that the benches are located on go another half mile then come back from the south-east. All in all the route is about 3 miles and the benches are at the nearest suitable location to half way.
Era: 2000s
Settlement: New Pitsligo
Town: Fraserburgh
County: Aberdeenshire
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Categories: Way Markers
Outsider Art and Folk Art
Creator: Alex Smith
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bench and poem board
poem board
EU tondo
EU flag bench
EU flag bench detail