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Peterhead video piece
Location: The Ice Factory Peterhead Harbour
OS Map Reference: NK 136 463
Date: 2006
Description: The artist (Dutch film maker, Jean Bei Ning) filmed local residents walking in front of a mobile blue screen. This footage was then mounted into slides showing landmarks in Tibet, Africa, Scotland, Thailand, Syria and Indonesia. This created the effect that local people were travelling in 'other worlds'. The artist also produced a sound piece located elsewhere in the town consisting of stories recorded in interviews with local people.
Related Information: A temporary installation created to coincide with a conference in the town on public art, in 2006 'perceptions-people-place- the art of regeneration.
Era: 2000s
Settlement: Peterhead
County: Aberdeenshire
Information Source:
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Categories: Temporary Installation
Recent Public Art
Iconography: human figure
Creator: Jean Bei Ning
External Links:

Peterhead Ice Factory, video piece 1
Peterhead Ice Factory, video piece
Peterhead Ice Factory, video piece
Peterhead Ice Factory, video piece in snow