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The 1597 Ceiling, Delgatie
Location: Delgatie Castle, near Turriff
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Date: 1597
Description: One of the most important surviving 16th century painted ceilings in Scotland The iconography has interesting comparisons to the much earlier Aberdeen Bestiary and even earlier Pictish sculpture.
Related Information:
Era: 1500s
Settlement: Turriff
County: Aberdeenshire
Information Source:
Related Artefacts: The 1592 Ceiling, Delgatie
Delgatie Castle
Categories: Ceiling Painting
Important Historic
Iconography: sphinx
vase or urn
human face or head
human figure
mythical or heraldic beast
heraldic motifs
stag or other deer
dog or hound
External Links: Aberdeen Bestiary online

Composite photo of whole ceiling
1597 ceiling, two of the sphinxes
1597 ceiling the elephants and triple head
1597 ceiling, the merman musician
1597 ceiling, the fishes
1597 ceiling, the stag's head
section of 1597 ceiling
The 1597 Ceiling
The 1597 Ceiling
The 1597 Ceiling
heraldic section