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The BBAF is now dissolved. The art in the Aberdeenshire environment database will in the future be under the control of the University of Aberdeen Elphinstone Institute

BBAF Webmaster

Art in the Environment is a database store of Aberdeenshire artefacts. You can access this information in a variety of ways. Navigation is always available in the box on the left and these options are explained below. You may also click on the image map above to go directly to any of the artefacts it shows.

A pilot scheme for the BBAF Art in The Environment project commenced in November 2000 when, with a successful application to Aberdeenshire council for funding, a project worker was appointed to carry out a small pilot scheme. Since then we have used some of our project funds to expand the AITE database to cover the whole county and to maintain and update the database.

It is the aim of the Forum to collect and collate information on, and images of, art in the environment, throughout Aberdeenshire. The Forum believe this data will be an invaluable research tool, useful to scholars, artists and tourists and a considerable asset in the promotion of our visual culture. The diverse range of artefacts spans Neolithic stone circles to modern public sculpture. The documentation has been entered into this continually growing searchable online database.

We believe that Scotland has a great visual tradition stretching back thousands of years. The view that our culture is entirely one of music, literature and storytelling is partly a result of poor documentation. Our project intends to help redress this problem.


With the list view, you can view the information in alphabetical order, using an A to Z bar.


Category View

Category view enables you to choose a specific category to then search for artefact details.


The advanced search option, allows you to specify exact details; Settlement, Era, Iconography, Category, County, Town, Creator and Creator Type.


As a quick reference, this section shows the latest additions to the database, so if you are waiting for new additions to arrive this may be very helpful.


This is where you can send us details of Aberdeenshire artefacts that you feel should be included in the database.